Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday Time to Share - part 1

Today's workout:
- 45 minutes on the elliptical
- 2 mile run
- 2 X 10 lunges (each side)
- 45 sec. planks (front, left side, right side)

1.  I’ve recently been on a kick of loving SoBe lifewater and have discovered my new favorite – Yumberry Pomegranate

2.  My faithful Adidas sport flops that I’ve had for over 10 years (no, really) finally cracked in various spots and I was forced to buy a new pair.  Six months later, I finally found these awesome UnderArmour ones - they're super comfy and a plus that they had my size in pink :)

3.  OPI “A Definite Moust-Have” (on my toes above - it's much brighter than shown in the picture) – I have loved OPI nail polish ever since I discovered the “My Private Jet” and “I’m not Really a Waitress Red” colors.  

4.  Pluots.  I discovered these when we were in Hawaii and I’ve been searching for them ever since…finally found them at Whole Foods.  They look like a cross between a nectarine and an apple but taste similar to those rainier cherries.

5.  MyOatmeal.  I’ve talked about this before, but really, I can’t get enough.

6.  Key-Lime Cherry Rehydrate.  I love this stuff….truly.  It’s a valid love – this one tastes so good and it's SO much better than the other performance recovery sports drinks.

7.  Last tiding for today…this article.  It’s awesome.  Whether you are a runner, or you're not, you should read it.  I read it in my Runner's World e-mail today. 

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