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7 Bloggers (besides me, ha) that you should​  be following:   - this girl is an amazing mom, a great runner, and her blog is one I couldn't be motivated to run without - check out this one's wedding ideas - awesome!  Plus, a really great healthy lifestyle blog!             - local fabulousness - always a morning favorite - she's one of those "motivations" - if you want to start at the this.  SO inspirational - I know this girl. Really.  We're actually friends.  She's the marathoner I aspire to be   - I really like this one - she's super nice and is the first "famous" blogger who e-mailed me =)  For that, I will follow her as long as she's posting


How to Buy the Right Running Shoes - Runner's World

Eating Smart - Runner's World

Larabars are Delicious! - Fit Day

Avocados....YUMMMM - True Activist

Fueling your run - Fitness Magazine 

Amenorrhea and Tips -

Books you should read: 

- A Walk Across the Sun, Corban Addison
- The Garden of Burning Sand, Corban Addison
- Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts
- All books written by Jodi Picoult
- All books written by John Grisham
- Born to Run, Christopher McDougall
- Going Long, Editors of Runner's World, David Willey
- The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life, Amby Burfoot 

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