Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Top ....Thirteen...(??!!) Tuesday and a discount code

Today's workout:
- 4 mile run
- 25 min., elliptical
- 3 X 30 sec. planks
- 2 X 3 arm circuits

Runner's World Quote of the Day -
"Let me tell you the secret that had led me to my goal.  My strength lies solely in my tenacity."  ~Louis Pasteur

Top Ten Tuesday became Top Thirteen Tuesday as today’s topic is really hard to limit…things we do in Milwaukee before the weather turns cold again.

I love living in Milwaukee, but one of my favorite times of year is summer/fall because there are just so many things to do!  Ben and I have done a lot this summer but these are still a few of my favorites, and some extras I would like to do before we enter the second polar vortex!

1.   Jazz in the Park – a free outdoor concert series held in a park and you are allowed to bring your own snacks but they also sell wine/snacks at the venue

2.   Farmer’s markets – if you’re a Wisconsinite, the Dane County farmer’s market in Madison is amazing but I like the ones in Milwaukee the best.  My favorites are West Allis, and South Shore markets.  They both have nice variety and are not super crowded.

3.    Beer gardens – a “must do” in the summer here.  Estabrook, Hoyt and Humboldt parks are all hosts of permanent beer gardens, and Sprecher brewery introduced a travelling beer garden this summer.  Each beer garden serves different types of beer and has its own charm.  Our favorite is Estabrook – we went there as part one of our surprise date last year

4.   The Wisconsin State Fair – it’s my tradition to get an 18 inch corn dog (yes, I split this with Ben) and cream puff beer.  I do not like cream puffs at all but cream puff beer holds a special place in my heart.

5.   All of the festivals that occur on the Summerfest grounds – each weekend in the summer there is a different one.  Irishfest, Germanfest, Italianfest, just to name a few.  I have always loved Summerfest as well but we missed it this year because we were on our honeymoon Hawaii for the duration.

6.   The outdoor training runs that are put on by Badgerland Striders, the local running group I am a member of.  They have fun runs on Wednesday evenings, track workouts on Tuesdays, and build up runs on Saturdays.

7.   The outdoor restaurants along the river in the downtown area.  I love trying new ones but One of my fall backs for drinks is the HG Brewery – they have larger boats that dock right there and make for good people watching and as long as you’re sitting outside, you can bring your dog!  For the food aspect, my personal favorite would be either John Hawk’s Pub, or the Milwaukee Ale House.  Then again, I love any restaurant that has a good sandwich and a view of the river.  These two are especially good for fish fry in the colder months.

8.   There are lots of parks to run through in Milwaukee so driving to them to do training runs breaks up the monotony of longer miles.  This summer we’ve been so busy, I’m sad to say I’ve stuck mostly with South Shore park.  It is a beautiful park and has a wonderful view of Lake Michigan but I’d like to run more parks before the weather dips into the single digits.

9.   This is more of a fall thing but heading to the Elegant Farmer in Mukwonago is one of my all-time favorite fall activities.  Apple picking and choosing pumpkins just puts you in that awesome fall mood.

10.   Ray’s meat market – I know we can go there anytime throughout the year, and we do, but it’s much more fun to pick up some delicious treats and grill when it’s 75 degrees as opposed to 8.  Then again, we’re Wisconsinites – we grill year round J

11.   Fish fry and a flick – there’s an outdoor movie series at Discovery World by the Lakefront.  The movies are free and they serve fish fry and other enjoyable items for purchase as well.  The movies are not really what I would consider family friendly, but there are Milwaukee county parks that offer a free summer movie series and those movies are much more geared toward families and children.

12.   Brewers’ games.  There’s just something about tailgating and going to Brewers’ games when the weather’s nice that brings even the most reclusive Milwaukeeans out of hiding.  I was born at a time where I’m old enough to remember when the Brewers only played at County Stadium and the atmosphere is still the same.  It’s even more fun when the weather’s great and the roof is open!

13.   Paddle board or paddle boat around the Lagoon by the Lakefront.  They also have canoe and kayak rentals and if you’re really feeling daring, they have paddleboard yoga most Thursday evenings in the summer.

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