Saturday, August 24, 2013


 Last night, I had planned a surprise date night for the fiancé.  I got all dressed up and planned a three part date of surprises for him.  We started out at this beer garden that we’ve never been to together (see pic) – they serve beer in steins and if you walk down the stone path there’s a mini waterfall (I LOVE waterfalls).  

We then went to Devon Seafood Grill for dinner.  Devon is a very rare splurge for us because it’s super expensive for what we order (he gets crab legs and I get ahi tuna).  However, I had $25 off coupon from my birthday so it was pretty reasonable.  I had some really good white wine, and he had a couple new beers.  He ordered the crab legs with a side of seafood chowder, and I ordered the ahi tuna with a side of asparagus – YUM.  We sat outside because it was beautiful out and it was super romantic with soft lighting and the water fountain in the background. 
Adding this photo because I used to LOVE this show!
Part three of our surprise date took us to this awesome tiki bar that neither of us had ever been to but both really ended up loving.  You basically pick whichever blended drink sounds the best and they put them in these tiki mugs.  There are all these rainforest sounds and random “island” music playing.  I of course had to have one of their souvenir mug drinks which was pricey but the glass is fabulous – looks like one of those totem guys from the old Nickelodeon show, Legends of the Hidden Temple.  Our date was awesome.  Sometimes you have to do things like that to keep the spark in a relationship.

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