Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finally home for a Sunday and meal prep to eat healthy!


I slept in like crazy today.  After four hours of sleep on Friday night before the BTN Big Ten 10k (review soon), I was really tired.  That’s okay – I’m not going to beat myself up over it – my body clearly needed sleep and when I’m racing and training, I know that lack of sleep is the first reason I have bad runs.  I managed to clean the house after I woke up, and then had some coffee and sourdough toast with maple cinnamon sugar from the Spice House.  I start the Advocare 24 DC tomorrow.

As today is a rest day, after I organized my grocery list and coupons, I headed out to go meet with Chef Shamy’s distributor for a product review

I did some grocery shopping and picked up some delicious Italian food for dinner, soup and pasta, and did the food prep for the week.  I’ve learned that doing my food prep on Sunday evenings really forces me to eat healthy throughout the week.  Everything is ready to go and separated out and I just have to grab it and go.  I hard boil approximately 12-18 eggs, depending on if I have any left from the week before – usually I don’t as evidenced here.  Egg whites are SO good and such a good protein – I don’t put salt on them because I don’t really care for it.  I also cut up a small watermelon and portion it into pyrex containers.  I’ll get a roasted chicken while grocery shopping and separate it into Ziploc bags for lunch protein.  I will also take whatever veggies I have left from the week prior and chop them up into some sort of salad and portion that out for the week – remember the awesome summer corn salad?  

Meal prep varies from week to week and can take a bit of time but is so worth it when I get to sleep an extra 15 minutes in the mornings and look forward to healthy, tasty meals.  MyOatmeal has also made grocery shopping and food prep easier because I just grab the bag in the morning for my breakfasts and heat it up when I get to work. 

I finished the evening off with some Advocare research, caught up on some additional reading, took some photos for the blog, and of course, participated in RunChat since Bart Yasso attended! 

Do you have a Sunday routine? 

Any food prep?

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