Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fresh is fabulous and how I grocery shop

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I’ve had several e-mails about where I buy my produce/eggs because as reader Megan said, “it always looks so super-fresh!”  This is a tough question to answer because it changes frequently.  I have however stopped going to Pick N’ Save for my produce because it spoils so quickly when I buy it there, not to mention their selection of fruit without bruises lately is mediocre at best.  Depending on the area I’m in on grocery day and what I didn’t snag at the farmer’s market the day before, I will go to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or Metro Market.  I ALWAYS grocery shop on Sunday afternoons, even when we’ve been out of town for the weekend because we’re usually back by mid-afternoon.  I usually only buy the produce that is on sale, with the exception of avocados.  I mostly buy my eggs at Trader Joe’s because their cage free, organic brown eggs are the cheapest and have the best flavor, since I only eat the egg whites...and this happens at least once a week and is the saddest thing.

I really like the produce at Whole Foods because it stays fresh for so long and I don’t feel so rushed to eat it “just in case” it goes bad.  A lot of people like to say Whole Foods is too pricy for them, but really it’s not.  I have become very good at finding coupons and good deals there.  Not to mention, I only have to go there once a week and buy all my produce, whereas when I was going to Pick N’ Save, I would have to go two and three times a week because products when bad so quickly.  I no longer have that issue, and I never throw out fruits or veggies anymore.  The flavor is also much more fresh tasting.  To save money, I usually only buy the produce that is on sale.  I’m very lucky that I’m not a picky eater when it comes to fruits and veggies because I will eat anything.  I had pluots when we were in Hawaii and found them on sale at Metro Market in Brookfield this past Sunday!

The only thing I cannot skip over, even if they’re not on sale, are avocados.  I usually eat one full avocado a day – half at lunch, half with dinner.  They’re very good for your hair and skin and they’re also considered a healthy fat, unlike French fries.  How sad J  Avocados are my indulgent produce as I buy approximately 6-8 per week. 

I am not a produce/grocery snob but I do like fresh products and when my fruit molds within two days of purchase, you can guarantee my not coming back.

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