Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up and my first turkey!

My weekend started with the husband and I heading downtown to see the holiday train come through!  Canadian Pacific has a train that they decorate on the outside with lights and they stop at various points throughout the country to collect food and donations for local shelters.  I had never seen it before so I couldn’t wait to take in the sights!  It was really pretty, but parking was tough and it was crazy crowded.  However…I can’t wait to see it again.

Saturday I woke up and headed to an early morning spin class with a friend at our new gym.  I knew I had a long day of food prep ahead of me for the first annual friends thanksgiving so I needed to get my workout in early!  I also realized that if I’m going to continue my spin class kick, I need to get a spin seat cover… my extra black scarf just isn’t going to cut it.

 I headed over to my friend’s house to begin prep for the meal.  We were set to eat about 5:30 and we got the turkey in the oven right about 11:30.  I was incredibly nervous about this part because I had never cooked a turkey before.  My friend’s parents stopped by and helped out a ton with some pointers.  We ended up serving ten people, and began with an autumn squash soup starter.  The turkey came out and it was perfect.  

The husband carved it for us and we were ready to eat.  My friend and I co-hosted and co-cooked everything from potatoes and rolls, to stuffing and desserts.  Everything was delicious.  The selfie didn’t turn out the best – I was too focused on clinging to the staircase and getting everyone in the photo than smiling like a normal human.  

We had wonderful food, conversation and a lot of fun.  First annual Friendsgiving – success!

Sunday started off with some cleaning and coffee, and then I met my friend at Costco – the poor girl doesn’t have a membership so I share. J  I nabbed a few staples and a few gifts, and then went out to finish the rest of my Christmas shopping for all the fantastic tiny humans on my list.  I’m crazy excited about some of the gifts I found for these fabulous little ones.  I did some grocery shopping and headed home for some Christmas decorating.  The husband and I had some wine and finished the night off in the glow of the holiday lit living room with the Bill Murray Christmas Special (free on Netflix right now)!  Oh, and St. Nick came to our house and I found this issue of Time magazine that I’ve been eyeing… the husband got a  couple things and the dog got a nice big bone in his stocking. :)

I don't mind that today is Monday today because I have circuit tonight and I'm loving it lately!

I hope you had a fun-filled first weekend of December!

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