Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Let's play catch up!

I love this guy.  Every year of my blog, I count the days until
December so I can post it again :)
How is it already December?  I feel like the last few months have just flown by.  Soooo… let’s catch up on things that have happened since my last post a week ago!

- I baked two pies and a turtle cheesecake for Thanksgiving.  YUM.

- I ran a race with my friend on Thanksgiving and the post-race treats were cinnamon rolls!  It was a lot of fun to run with my friend, but not my best race for sure – apparently I was not very hungry or just saving my stomach for Thanksgiving food aka twelve helpings of stuffing and could NOT eat the hill for breakfast…  I have a plan though, which includes incorporating some more spin and body pump classes to make me stronger - hopefully it will work.

- I did some black Friday shopping and while physically being in the store was kind of a pain since it was so busy and parking was crazy, I did manage to nab a few good deals online. 

- I spent about an hour at the running store quizzing the poor girl working about her Garmin Vivoactive watch.  I had narrowed my choices down and after talking to her, I finally caved (after almost a year) and bought the Vivoactive in white.  So far I love it.  I even sleep with it on since it also tracks sleep patterns.  I don’t want to get too much into it as I’ve only had it a few days but hopefully after a few more workouts, I’ll post a full review.

Remember how I talked about my race a couple weeks ago where it was 17 degrees and my legs went numb?  Well… Cabela’s had a really good deal on the Northface Winter Warm tights so I bought them.  You can find them here at Cabela’s since the sale is still going on.  They’re super soft on the inside and will definitely keep me toasty warm through winter runs.  

I went back to circuit class on Monday night and loved it.  One station was side jumps and while I was freaked out to do it at first (I’m still babying my knee a bit), the trainer told me to just do it since I have to get back to doing stuff on both sides… so I did.  It hurt a tiny bit but I need to make it strong again.

My friend and I joined a new gym, and tonight we’re trying out their spin class.  (Since I always set my posts up around 6 in the morning, I will be spinning while you read this!

Until I can get back into the shape I want to be in, my work out plan is …

Monday – 2 mile run in the morning before work, circuit class in the evening
Tuesday – spin class (they call it road rage) in the morning
Wednesday – warm up run, followed by a kettlebells’ class in the morning
Thursday – PiYo class in the morning, HIIT class in the evening
Friday - spin class (road rage) in the morning
Saturday – yoga class, followed by either BodyPump or a long run
Sunday – rest day / spend a few minutes in the hot tub

My plan may be a little intense at first, especially Mondays and Thursdays, but I will play it smart and throw in an extra rest day if I need to.… for pain reasons only – not laziness. J

I have a race on New Years’ Eve (4 weeks!) and am hoping to run the 10k feeling stronger than I have the last couple races!  

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