Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday – Reasons Why Runners Love (and Hate) Thanksgiving Weekend

I personally love Thanksgiving - it is my favorite holiday, but the weekend can be rather stressful as well.  I love the time off but to go anywhere, traffic is crazy.  I love running a race on Thanksgiving, but again, it can be stressful to fit it in.

Let's get to it!

10.  Love - There are a turkey trots everywhere on Thanksgiving Day – it gives us another excuse to sign up for a race!

9.  Hate – In accordance with 10, we kind of hate this too.  Everyone who hasn’t run a mile all year suddenly becomes a runner…along with their kids, their 3rd cousins, and their Aunt Edna.  These races are crowded… with trotters.  Don't get me wrong, I love the enthusiasm, but stay to the right please. :)

8.  Love - Carbs.  Potatoes, stuffing and rolls. 

7.  Love - We can eat as much as we want without being “the weirdo” (see #8 – carbs).

6.  Hate – the run the day after you eat as much as you want at Thanksgiving is terrible.  Like, must do loops in half mile increments around your house, dead legs kind of terrible.

5.  Love – napping.  Runners love naps. 

4.  Love – the leftovers.  Loads of deliciousness all ready to go for you after your Friday or Saturday long run.

3.  Hate – how the Black Friday Shoppers make such a big deal out of waking up at 3 in the morning to go shop.  Honey, you do it once a year – we do it every time we have a race, or need to fit a run in.

2.  Love – going to the running store on Black Friday.  You can go at any time and the sales are all the same and there’s NO ONE in the store.

1. Love – Thanksgiving weekend for me, means that I have Thursday – Sunday off.  A 4 day weekend in which I can wake up at whatever time I want to get my workout in.  I can run at 6am or 3pm if I want – total bliss.  Also, the weather is usually the last perfect weekend before the cold / snow sets in for the season.

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