Monday, November 23, 2015

Race recap!

Before I head off to Monday evening circuit, I wanted to get yesterday's race recap up! 

I ran the 2nd race in the winterseries, the Elf Run, with my friend.  After the weekend’s snowstorm, I was pretty impressed that the course was pretty clear.  Lighthouse events did a great job of keeping the course salted. 

When I woke up Sunday morning and it was 14 degrees, I questioned my sanity of signing up for this series.  I remembered feeling the same way 2  years ago but still signed up again this year.  Clearly, I am a quick learner. J

Anyway, I slept a little later than planned so ate half an English muffin and drank my coffee on the way to the race after picking up my friend.  Packet pick up was simple, and after some deliberation about how many layers to keep on, I ended up in my yoga pants, with my tank, running festival long sleeve, Brooks’ nightlife long sleeve over top and a vest.  Race start was 17 degrees.

I was toasty warm on top throughout the whole race but my legs went numb in the first half mile.  I think it’s time to become a “real runner” and invest in some good winter running tights – this is a good thing since it will a) keep me off the treadmill, and b) prevent me from freezing to death this winter.

The race course took us through gorgeous neighborhoods where the snow from the day before was beginning to crystalize into ice and looked beautiful clinging to the trees.

The last mile of the race my tummy started to feel… funny… my friend knew something wasn’t right because I wasn’t laughing anymore (she keeps me cracking up).  I couldn’t decide what made it worse, running or walking – so we fought through the last mile and I told her as we neared the finish that I was just going to keep running toward the school where the bathrooms were.  To keep a long, revolting story short - don’t ever do anything different on race morning.  I didn’t even realize I did – I ran out of creamer and used whole milk in my coffee instead.  Running shakes things up.  Unless you know for sure that there are deep woods that will shield you from anyone along the race course, don’t change a thing.  

After my “experience” my friend and I went to look at the post-race booths.  We found a really fun item, but the booth only had one left and we wanted to grab a couple.  The owner of the booth offered to have his wife drive over to their store a few minutes away and open up just for us so we could get more.  WHAT?!   A running store would open just for us??  This is a dream come true.  Thank you Fleet Feet Sports in Brookfield – you guys are amazing!!!

After scoring some great items, my friend and I went back to her house where her awesome husband made us the best pancakes I have ever had.  Not even kidding.  Best chef ever.  We had some coffee and chatted over pancakes – it was really a perfect Sunday morning.

If you live in southeastern Wisconsin, this race series is a good one - it keeps me training through the cold weather and the race director does an amazing job!

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