Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday! Not ALL running-related :)

It's Tuesday :)  I only have a 4 days of work this week...and....
Today's workout:
- 4 mile run, with 30 sec. pickups, and 30 second walks every 0.25 miles
- 20 minute abs and planks

Top Ten Tuesday returns with my favorite things of the last week or so!

1.  Number 1 by far - I sent a 1/2 marathon medal to my iRun4 buddy, and his dad posted a picture of him wearing that with his "Amy Runs 4 Me" shirt today.  Normally, Top Ten Tuesday isn't in any order but... there is no contest as to that being my number one.

2. Flip belts.  I wore this one for a 1/2 last weekend, and I will never wear anything else.  It holds my phone (music), kleenex, salt tabs, O2Gold, keys, etc. ... and I don't even notice them! 

3.  Eric Church's new CD - this guy continues to amaze me with the music he comes out with.  His lyrics, the emotion he puts into it, never ceases to raise the bar with every album he produces.

4.  Food prep Sundays - I've got a really fun post coming up later this week about Food Prep Sundays, but this really saves my life, my time and our pocketbooks every week.

5.  Kara Goucher's win at Big Sur this past weekend.  This woman - such an inspiration.  She perseveres through all hardships, and this weekend - it paid off.  Congratulations, Kara - you're a rockstar!

6.  Terra Heritage blend chips.  These are amazing and full of flavor.  

7.  Fabletics clothing - I just received a new outfit (thank you!!) yesterday in the mail, and I can't wait to try em' out!  However, I'm not worried, because everything I've received so far is fun, comfy and stylish!

8.  Skull candy earbuds - yes, I channeled my inner 18-year old and replaced my old samsung buds with these babies.  Love them - they fit me well and the sound is amazing.

9.  Nail Bar - every few weeks, my friend J and I get manicures at Nail Bar.  We go right after work, and decompress.  The best part?  The serve unlimited wine.  Free.

10.  Presidential debates - it's that time again, and I love it.  I love watching potential candidates go back and forth with their opinions.  I love knowing that my opinion matters when it comes to electing the leader of our nation.

Anyone have anything in their Top Ten this week?  
Anything else on your minds?

Any motivational quotes?  You know I love em'!!!

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