Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday - Why Runners are Weirdos

I just received a notification saying that I haven't blogged for a week!  How is it possible that a week has passed?  It has FLOWN.

I have realized in my adult running life that runners, myself included, are really weird.  We do things while running or related to running that really don't even make sense to us.  I constantly find myself reflecting, on a run, or a purchase, and I think... wth.  I also think that when I start telling someone about something running related and their eyes glaze over, or their face contorts into something that can only be described as a "wth" face.  These just happen to be the top ten things that popped into my head on my 5am run.

10.  When I blow my nose normally, I go wash my hands, then use hand santizer...the whole ball of wax.  On a run if I've used up the two tissues I normally carry, I think nothing of doing a farmer's blow, or shoot, wiping the excess on my sleeve and moving on with my life.  

9.  We start realizing that we have more running shoes and running clothes than normal clothes and normal shoes.

8.  We recognize brands, models and base price of shoes on any stranger's feet.  (I thought this was normal until I pointed out the Brooks' PureFlows and GTS' to my bffs in the Atlanta airport and they slowly moved away from me...)

7.  We don't bat an eye when we hear phrases/words like yaktraks, gu, flip belt, forerunner, O2Gold thumbholes, and trots...and we throw around words like "only"... only 5 miles, only a few inches of snow, only $120 for running shoes...

6.  A paper cut will make me sob for days, but chafe marks are worn like a badge of honor.

5.  The only reason we monitor the weather is to determine what layers we need to wear...we won't skip our runs because of a little thunder... bad weather makes better stories.  

4.  Waking up between 4 and 5 am in the middle of winter to go to work or anywhere else is a struggle... but if it means we get to run first, we go up like a firework on the 4th of July.

3.  We look at mile markers to the next exit and think in our heads say out loud "I've run that before." 

2.  We actually do check "our hydration" in the 48 hours or so before a race or long run to determine whether we need to make modifications to our liquid intake.

1.  We continuously retake and delete "bad" photos when we're dressed up and put together ... but sweat covered, tomato-faced post race photos must be sent out via e-mail, text, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and carrier pigeon...in triplicate.

You're welcome :)

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