Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up!

Weekend wrap up kind of begins on Thursday evening when the husband and I went to the Holiday Lights Festival kick-off.  We met for happy hour and walked over to watch the city’s holiday lights turn on!  I love this event – it gets me in the Christmas spirit.

We were up a little later than planned on Thursday night due to some vehicle issues on his second truck, so Friday night when I got off work we decided that due to the pending snowstorm and residual exhaustion, we would have a Hunger Games movie marathon.  We wrapped up in blankets and had some hot cocoa and watched two of the movies Friday night.  We woke up Saturday to a winter wonderland…and it was still coming down.  I was supposed to go to the outlet mall and hour away with a friend of mine but we decided to postpone due to the weather.  I did some shoveling, had some coffee, and the husband and I went mattress shopping.  Fun, huh?  Ahh, domestic life.  We ended up spending a bit more than we wanted but got a good deal on a king.  I’m so excited for the extra space!!!  We ran a few other errands, and stopped at the best gas station on the way home for some of the good stuff aka diet coke.  
After watching the WI Badger football game (so frustrating), we watched the last Hunger Games movie, and I went to bed early to get some rest before my race. 

Sunday afternoon, I stopped by my friend’s son’s robot competition which was actually pretty cool – my friend and I had a good chat and I headed out for some grocery shopping. 

The husband and I topped off the weekend with some pizza and the Green Bay Packer win!!!  So excited for this super short week, and Thanksgiving, which I am kicking off with a 5 mile race!!!

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