Thursday, July 9, 2015

Motivation Thursday!

Hi all! 

No workout this morning as I'm running a race tonight at 9 p.m.  I love running at night so was very happy to sign up for this one with my Ragnar sisters.  The husband will be making a light dinner for us all before the race so hopefully a bit of rest and relaxation with my peeps between work and the race will get me motivated!  More info on the race in tomorrow's race recap!

Motivation - the inspiration behind today's fabulous post! 

I'm a huge advocate for anything motivational.  Even before I became a runner again in my adult life, I have been a fan of quotes - wall hangings, magnets, books - you name it and I love it.  So let's put our positive, semi-sarcastic pants on, and get to it!

There are so many ways to get motivated when you're stuck in a rut.  Believe me, I researched all of them during my recovery from surgery when "I can't" was trying to sneak its way back into my daily vocab.  I seriously sit down sometimes and google "motivation" and click images just to see what comes up.  If you're stuck, remember that we are only here for so long and we only get one shot at this life we live, and we only get one body in which to do it.  I can guarantee you one thing - you will not make it out of here alive.  How you spend your time is your decision and yours alone.  

I understand that sometimes you really just want to give up.  I get it - really.  Sometimes after a not so great night of sleep, I want to roll over and hit the snooze button, but luckily I figured out that by setting my alarm tone to "Chariots of Fire," I find the motivation to drag myself out of bed and off to the gym.  I know that's a full out cheesefest but it works for me.  One of my friends actually found an alarm tone that yells at her to get out of bed.  That would a) scare me, and b) just make me angry that I'm getting yelled at so early in the morning.  She loves it.  That's the big thing about motivation - you have to find out what works for you.  

Make a plan to get motivated.  Put it somewhere where you'll see it every day, twice a day, or more - maybe the bathroom mirror or the front of the fridge or the steering wheel of your car.  When I was training for my first half marathon, I put post its of motivation quips and quotes everywhere.  I understand being tired after work, or too busy.  If you can find the strength to put on some comfy clothes and pick up the TV remote, I guarantee you have the energy to get out the door and go for a walk...and you will feel much better after.  Can you only walk 1 block to start?  Guess what - you just passed everyone that opted for the couch/TV remote option.  None of the great runners started by running 10 miles at a 6:10 pace, and I'm willing to bet that Usain Bolt wasn't born running the fastest 100m.  It takes work, and determination.  If you're too busy, use your lunch break to take a walk.  Instead of taking the elevator at work, take the stairs.  Get a dog - when they're bored they'll bark at you until you do something active with them (on this, I am an expert as I speak from experience :)).

I love a quote from Michael Jordan that states, "I can accept failure, but I cannot accept failure to try."  This is a reminder to me when I have a rough workout day, when I physically just cannot run the miles on my training schedule, when my legs are just done.  When this happens, as long as you've tried, there is always tomorrow to complete the extra miles.  Just a reminder - running a 16 minute mile and running a 5 minute mile is still running a mile.  You're only racing against yourself and that little voice in your head that wants you to quit - silence that voice.

We have to continuously remind ourselves that yes, we can.  When you push yourself to your limits, you learn things about yourself that you would have never known otherwise.  I have learned more about myself in my adult running years than I did in my first 18 years of life.  I've learned that skipping workout days makes me even more tired than I already am.  I've learned that I can plan an entire grocery list while on a 5 mile run.  I've learned that when I think I'm done, I have SO much more in me.  When my legs are tired, I run with my heart.  I love the feeling of being alive.

You don't have to be a runner or even a walker - maybe you prefer rollerblading, or swimming.  Whatever your cup of tea may be, get out there and do it.  I can assure you that the couch and the TV will still be there when you get back.  If you really need Netflix that badly, take your Ipad or your Chromebook to the gym with you and play it while you're on the stairclimber, or the elliptical.  Your workout will FLY by.  If you really need extra motivation, just remember that sliver of cake that you skipped at the work party... guess what?  The calories from your morning workout will more than cover it.  Reward yourself in the little things.  Everything in moderation.  Hey, whatever gets you out the door, right?

Then again, this is just my two cents.  Happy Thursday!

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