Monday, June 22, 2015


Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?  I found the image below on a friend's Facebook page and immediately saved it for future use.  The words ring so true for me these days.

I'm going to start the week off with something fun I found on a fellow blogger's site today.

Current Celebration:  As I’m coming off two Sundays in a row of celebrating my birthday and 1st anniversary, not much to celebrate this week (what a relief J).  However, I am going to be on vacation next week Wednesday through Sunday so we’ll celebrate that for now!

Current Confession:  I cannot wait for fall.  I love summer, but I REALLY love fall, and since I missed so much of the season last year with my surgery, I am so looking forward to silly things like apple picking, running in the leaves, cool mornings and warm afternoons. 

Current Product Find:  My spiralizer.  This isn’t a new find, and I’ve had this for a few months, but with my healthy reset, I rediscovered the spiralizer in the kitchen yesterday.  I spiralized some zucchini and summer squash and used that as a base for my salad. 

Current Plan:  Reset my eating habits, train for October’s marathon, reorganize my clothes into a capsulecloset, blog at least 3 times a week, and read everything on my Amazon list in my “downtime.”

Current Book:  I just finished How to Start a Fire last night, which was a great page turner, but the ending was terrible.  I’m about to start Summer Secrets by Jane Green, which will be released tomorrow!  It is described as a “perfect beach read.”  I can’t wait to get started.

Current Purchase:  After I dropped the husband at the airport yesterday, I went out to use some great coupons that were about to expire.  I nabbed a few items from Loft with a $25 off coupon, and their current sale is 40% off your entire purchase as well (including sale and clearance items).  I was able to get a few things to keep my summer wardrobe fresh and up to date.  I also had a coupon for Yankee Candle.  Their current sale is 4 large jar candles for $44, and I was able to combine that with my coupon so ended up with several large jars in fresh, summery scents.

Current Drink:  I am loving Whole Foods’ fresh squeezed orange juice right now –so delicious.

Current Holy Moly:  How is it already the 3rd week of June?  I cannot believe that 4th of July is already NEXT WEEK.  Summer is flying again.

Current Show:  My friend recently got me hooked on Orange is the New Black.  I’m a bit behind the 8 ball on this one, I know.  I started Season 1 this weekend and I’m 5 episodes in.

Current Want:  I would love to go back to Hawaii with the husband.  It was so beautiful there and I was so peaceful and my stress level diminished to approximately 0.1%.  Such an amazing place.

Current Obsession:   The farmers market strawberries, and garlic scapes I picked up over the weekend.  I love fresh produce and I love visiting the farmers’ markets around here in the summer.

Thanks to Caitlin for this fabulous blog post idea!!!

I will be back later for an update on the healthy eating plan and my food prep fun from yesterday!

What's on your list of “currents” as of late?

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