Monday, April 13, 2015

Routines, Boston, and an upcoming giveaway!

Hi all!

Let's just start things off with the revelation I had this week.  I woke up in the middle of the night and my first thought was...I am someday going to run Boston.  That's right - THE marathon.  My biggest item on my running bucket list.  Let's just forget for a second that I have YET to actually run a marathon.  October's Lakefront Marathon will resolve this tiny little detail.  That being said...

Today's 5:30 a.m. workout -
2.5 treadmill miles
20 minutes on the elliptical
20 minutes on the bike - I am still continuing to push through all the yucky scar tissue in my knee, so this is unfortunately still necessary.
2 X 10 tricep dippers
2 X 10 pec flys
2 X 10 leg extensions
3 X 1 min. planks

I recently changed my hours at work so I can enjoy more of the daylight when I've finished the workday.  The original idea behind this was to be able to run my miles at night, which I'm still planning to do this summer.  However, as of late, I've been doing my workouts in the morning and wow, does it feel good.  It is still super hard for me to get out of bed shortly after 5am, but the rewards are worth it.  

Prepping my gym bag with all of my essentials, including my work clothes / shower gear at night, really makes it easier to get moving so early.  I really just have to roll out of bed, brush my teeth, and slip on my running clothes before heading out the door.  My work has a really functional gym, and locker room so that helps cut down on commute time as well.

Also, getting your breakfast/lunch/snack ready the night before really helps too...far less rushing around in the morning.

I'm going to Minnesota later this week, but stay tuned, I will have Blue Apron giveaway for you before I head out!!!

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