Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Things you either don’t know (or never cared to know)

Today's workout:
- 2 treadmill miles
- 3 X 10 sets of sidesteppers with theraband
- 3 X 10 sets lunge matrix
- 3 X 10 sets squats
Recently, I was asked during a phone interview to be a race ambassador to say one random thing about myself - that got me to do some serious thinking and so I thought I'd share. :)

I cannot stand the feel of chalk.  The thought of using it give me shivers.

I love books on CD - I rarely listen to music in my car anymore.  John Grisham's are my favorite.

I don’t really know my hair color anymore.  I am on such a strict schedule with my stylist that I don’t even let it grow out enough to know.

I prefer to write with ultra-thin sharpies.  I order them in various colors and do not discriminate between favorite colors (although we KNOW how much I LOVE pink).

The first thing that attracted me to my now-husband was that he is taller than me, even when I wore my highest heels.

My dog groans, sighs, and grumbles like a human.  He is very vocal when he is displeased with someone.  This can sometimes be a problem because when he is in trouble, he basically “talks back” to us, and it makes us laugh.  He also tries very hard to understand what we are saying.

I actually met most of my closest friends on the internet…in a completely non-creepy way.

I become irrationally sad when my football teams lose (i.e., when my Packers lost in the playoffs, I had tears streaming down my face). 

When I am experiencing any kind of negative emotion (sadness, anger, etc.), a photo of a pig will never fail to crack me up.

I think all jokes are funny…actually, I think most things are funny.

My favorite food varies between the deviled eggs Ben’s cousin makes, and the salads one of my coworkers makes.

I still sleep with a stuffed animal.  It is the softest thing in the world, and I sleep like junk without it.

I think the crockpot and Gina at are the two best cooking inventions ever.  Without them, I would either starve, or eat takeout every night for dinner.

Motivational quotes are my “thing.”  I am forever on the lookout for new ones.  Especially the ones on pictures.


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