Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Incredibly salty sweating and a giveaway!

Today's workout:
- 2.5 mile treadmill run
- 4 X 10 abs
Hi all! Seeing as how I haven’t posted in quite some time, I figured I’d go with something completely random (yet delicious).

My sweet friends at Pearl Olives recently sent me over a box of their “to go” snack containers, which feature 4 small containers each, and a nice big box of olives too!  It's a good thing they sent the extra box, because my husband loves them!  He takes the little containers to work and keeps them in his drawer for a quick and healthy snack.
Last summer, I ran a half marathon that had olives as a post-race snack. I found it odd, but grabbed em’ up anyway. The effect was incredible. I could feel my body responding almost immediately. I am a very salty sweater, and tend to lose a lot of my energy and feel my legs begin to cramp up in those long miles. Many runners will pick up the cups of Gatorade set out along the race course but for me, I am just not a fan of the after-taste of Gatorade between water stops.

After reading an article on the amount of salt runners really need during longer workouts, I started doing a bit of research on what would work best for me. I tried several methods during my training runs before finally settling on one. (I couldn’t find the original article I read, but this one  from Active is very similar --- >

Mid spring last year, I began trying salt tablets. Every 5 or so miles, I would pop a salt tab to prevent the cramping in my legs. Those work wonders to keep my body temperature lowered, as much of my salt lost was being replaced. However, after a race, I did not want to keep popping salt tabs (I was starting to feel like a hamster…). Enter one of my favorite sodium filled snacks. These to-go containers are so easy to just put in my purse or race bag, and they’re super convenient as they have no liquid and require no refrigeration. I really love the variety – you can choose from green olives, black olives, sliced black, or kalamata!

I love these olives. I love their taste, I love that they’re a universal food, i.e., that you can put them in salads or pastas, bloody marys, martinis, or they can be eaten alone as a delicious, quick snack.  My sweet mother-in-law also puts them on the delicious deviled eggs she makes for me, aka my favorite food.  
Pearl Olives has graciously offered to partner up and give one lucky reader a sampling of these great products! The giveaway includes the same products pictured above, along with the cute lunch tote!  Please leave a comment below with your favorite type of, and way to eat olives and a random winner will be selected on Saturday, April 24th!!!

***In the interest of full disclosure, when I began receiving blog-related offers, I decided I would only promote items on the blog that I really liked, that I truly found to work. I support and post the products that work for me and those that I find might be beneficial to myself and others. That being said, please be advised that I am not being paid for any posts pertaining to Pearl Olives. All opinions stated are my own, and are as honest and factual as possible***


  1. I like putting kalamata olives in pasta dishes.
    I too am a sweaty runner but I can't stomach Gatorade. A couple years ago a nutritionist suggested cell salt tablets after I has said how the salt tablets didn't seem to do much but upset my stomach. I will have to give these olives a try after my next long run. Thanks! @lkm1002

  2. Love these olives!! They're the perfect portable salty snack. :)

  3. Best portable healthy snack ever...especially when you need #allthesalt

  4. Glad you found a snack as healthy and tasty as Pearl Olives to replace the salt tablets!