Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Would You Rather Wednesday and SERIOUS organic produce

Let’s talk for two seconds about the awesome organic sustainability basket I received on Friday.  Through my friends’ school, I will be receiving a bag of delicious, locally grown, organic produce every week throughout the fall and winter.  I am so surprised at how much I received in my first bag! 
Beyond excited – for all of the local Milwaukeeans, you can sign up for your bag here!

That being said, it’s finally time for the weekly Would you Rather Wednesday!!!  (I felt like a game show host when I typed that).  Honestly though, I actually really look forward to writing this post each week – it gets my thought process going and teaches me some things about other people I’ve asked my questions to throughout the pre-post brainstorming. 

Would you rather … have to work out for at least two hours every day for the rest of your life, or never be able to work out again?
I would love to be able to work out for two hours a day although I could see this becoming cumbersome if you’re on vacation, or lazy, or sick or any other terrible thing I haven’t thought of.  Regardless, it would be awful to never be able to do that again.

Would you rather… have to wear makeup all the time or never be able to wear it again? 
Easy, I would rather wear it all the time…I simply cannot leave the house without my mascara and eyeliner in place.

Would you rather …only be able to use the old school, non-text, non-smart, Zach Morris flip phone for the rest of your life, or not have a cell phone at all for five years but then be able to use whichever one you want?
I would go with not having a cell phone at all for five years because while it would be hard…it would be a lot harder to spent the rest of my life without my fabulous apps!

Would you rather … hold a snake or a spider?
I am actually physically shivering as I type this one – I would, a million times over, rather hold a snake.  Even a picture of a spider scares the pants off me.  A friend of mine put one of those silly plastic Halloween spider rings on my shoulder once and I am pretty sure it took me at least five minutes to stop crying and catch my breath.  No spiders.  Ever.

Would you rather … spend the rest of your life with someone who talked like Nicholas Cage, or someone who talked like Robert Stack (guy from the original Transformers’ movie who talked at the speed of light)?
Robert Stack, hands down, no contest.  It would be hard to keep up with his extreme yapping pace, but Nicholas Cage’s voice drives me up a wall.

Would you rather… run a half marathon that only had one water station on the course, or run a half marathon that is 26 laps of a half mile loop?
I absolutely despise repetitive courses.  I would go with the one water station and just make sure I am super hydrated the days leading up to the race.  My favorite race that I’ve ever run was a point to point half marathon.  Those are the best because you can actually see your destination in the distance and it really pumps you up!

Would you rather … only be able to eat hardboiled eggs or over easy eggs for the rest of your life?
Hardboiled – save for deviled eggs, hardboiled are the only kind of eggs I will eat anyways…maybe I kind of cheated with this question J

Would you rather … be a contestant on WipeOut or Minute to Win It?
WipeOut, mostly because I feel like I would have way more energy than half of those people do and I definitely don’t have the coordination for Minute to Win It. 

Oh, and because it wouldn’t be MY blog if I didn’t post something at least sort of motivational…I leave you with this beyond fabulous image/quote I received last week.  I love it because it is totally applicable to my current situation.

Happy Wednesday!!!

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