Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday...things that make me ecstatically happy!

I don't know how the weather has been by you lately, but here in WI it's been seriously dreary.  I'm totally solar powered and continuous gray days do crazy things to my mood!  While I was thinking about that today, I realized I had an inspiration for Top Ten Tuesday!  Let's talk about the things that make us incredibly happy all the time, no matter what the circumstances (or the weather)!  In no particular order...

(1) Running.  Obviously.  No matter what my mood is or what the weather is, I absolutely love a good run.  Since being out of commission, whenever the urge to run hits, I read as much as I can about it.  It's not even close to almost the same feeling!  Thank goodness for Runner's World and Running Times!

(2) While we're on the subject, reading a great book.  To name a few of the authors who never seem to disappoint are Jodi Picoult, John Grisham, Corban Addison, and Jared Diamond.

(3) My niece.  No matter what, she makes me super happy.  Whenever I see her pictures, it brings a smile to my face.  I'm the luckiest aunt.

(4) My friends.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - I have the best friends in the world - hands down, no contest.  My friends are amazing.

(5) A good glass of red wine.  I have no problem spending a little extra to get a good bottle - it is so worth it.

(6) My family.  My immediate and extended families are wonderful.  They are incredibly supportive and love me unconditionally.

(7) My dog.  He is an oversized bundle of excited all the time (except when he is asleep).  No matter how tired/angry/sad I am, he can always make me feel better.

(8) Social media.  Don't laugh - I say this because I have met some of my closest friends via social media.  I met my Ragnar friends and teammates through Twitter.  I met my closest Milwaukee friends through not so normal channels on the internet.  It's 2014 - accept and love the social media!

(9) I love baking.  I'm not talking about throwing some boxed cupcakes in the oven and calling it a day.  I'm talking about creating recipes from scratch for just the right combination and watching people enjoy the items I've created.

(10)  Football.  I love football.  College, NFL - you name it, I love it.  There's something about watching grown men smash each other around a field for the sake of getting a ball across a line that just warms my heart.  Thanks to Monday night football, I am ALWAYS tired on Tuesdays and when the WI Badgers have an 11:00 a.m. game, forget being productive that day. :)
Yep, I'm a Packers' fan :) 

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