Wednesday, September 24, 2014

'Would You Rather' Wednesday! :)

Out of the utmost respect and deep love for one of my favorite games, I’ve decided to institute a new Wednesday tradition thus “Would you rather Wednesday” has been born.  Throw your favorite “would you rather” questions at me and they might just show up in the next edition!
Before I get into it, I’ve had several e-mails asking me for an ACL PT update.  PT is painful; I knew it would be.  However, it is working.  I have increased my bent knee range of motion from 70 deg. to 91 deg. in just three sessions – even my PT was impressed.  I can also stand on my leg with my knee bent for 10 seconds before it starts to collapse.  In the interest of being totally honest, I sometimes shake in pain and I want to scream and run hop from the building but I know I have to push through this.  As runners, we know how to push ourselves; I have simply applied what I’ve learned throughout running to my PT and recovery.  It’s about pushing through the pain and knowing that what we’re doing is to better our bodies to allow us to accomplish our goals and the end result.

So, on a happier note:  Would you rather…?

Would you rather… have to run everywhere, or never be able to run again? 
I would run everywhere.  This not running business is bad for me and all of my relationships – besides, running is good for our souls :)

Would you rather … not be able to use your arm, or your leg?
My arm – I could still run and walk and do normal people things with only one arm.

Would you rather … be able to eat only salads for lunch for the rest of your life, or never be able to eat a salad again, ever?
I would eat salads every day for lunch for the rest of my life – especially the ones from the Green Kitchen.

Would you rather … never be able to watch another movie again, or never be able to watch TV again?
I could skip the movies because I would probably lose it if I could never watch another episode of the FOX NFL Sunday guys, and football in general.

Would you rather … cheer for your team’s biggest rival for three years, or be unable to watch your favorite teams for five years?
I don’t think I could EVER cheer for my teams’ rivals.  I would have to resort to listening to games on the radio (LOOPHOLE!!!)

Would you rather … have to sing everything you say for one year, or never be able to listen to music again?
I would have to sing everything but I would probably lose a lot of friends because I am quite a terrible singer.

Would you rather … be a contestant on American Ninja Warrior or a contestant on Survivor?
Forget eating bugs and a million dollars, I’m going with American Ninja Warrior – those people are incredible and those obstacles look amazing.

Would you rather … climb Everest (highest point on Earth) or pilot down to the Mariana Trench (deepest part of the ocean)? *Neither is not an option and hypothetically, neither of these choices would have any permanent repercussions.
I’m going with Everest – I love a challenge and the thought of being that deep in the ocean with only water surrounding me scares me to no end.

Would you rather … have to travel every other week for the next 5 years or never be able to travel again?
I’m going with travel every other week – I would hate to miss out on seeing the rest of the world.

Happy Wednesday!!!

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  1. Amazing! Just continue to keep tab on every process and element of your path to healing. It pays to check, so you can catch on all the aspects of your condition that still persists and remains problematic. Take care!

    Alejandra Goll @ US HealthWorks