Friday, September 19, 2014

Pre-Surgical PT and two fabulous, healthy recipes!

I had my first pre-surgical PT session today.  Yowza!  If that is any indication of what post-surgical PT is going to feel like, I’m in for a real pleasure cruise.  I have two more sessions next week before my last pre-surgical ortho appointment.  Everything for a reason, and yes, I can do this.
It was tough to try doing things that I’d previously not had to think about, and I now my body won’t let me do them.  I run half marathons and I couldn’t do one calf raise before my leg collapsed.  The problem with having no ACL is that your fibula and tibia like to shift on each other because there isn’t anything preventing them from doing so….I fall every once in a while because I’m still not used to my leg not supporting me, even with the crutch or cane.  At least I have a sweet cane J

I had to do a couple sets of several different activities, including:
-          Flexing my quad and holding it for 30 seconds
-          Holding my leg completely straight while flexing my calf for 30 seconds
-          A straight leg lift while flexing my quad
-          Wrapping a towel around my foot and pulling until my leg stayed straight
-          Sliding my foot as close as I can get to my behind, ten times

Among other things – yeesh!  Before surgery, they want my range of motion to improve drastically.  That is really painful but I can almost straighten my leg.  If I can’t completely straighten my leg before surgery, supposedly it will stiffen so much that I won’t be able to do even after surgery, ever again.  I can do this.
My bent knee can only get to 70 degrees before I start to shake from pain and they want me to get that to at least 90 degrees.  I have to do my exercises at home on my own as well.  I hope the husband has a strong enough stomach to be able to tolerate holding my leg down while I cry J  I always said I would never be with someone who made me cry, but I suppose it’s forgivable if it’s prescribed by a doctor… through sickness and hell health, right? 

On a positive note, I had sushi and wine with a friend last night and we watched a couple episodes of Jeff Dunham.  If you’ve never seen him before, check it out – he is hilarious.  Last night was a good distraction, as only good conversation and wine with a friend can be. 

In other news, I found this fabulous recipe for smashed cauliflower and another fabulous recipe for turkey-sausage meatloaf that I cannot wait to make this weekend!

Any awesome recipes to share?  

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