Monday, July 21, 2014

I Really Don't Mind Mondays...

Today’s workout:
-          2.5 mile run
-          3 X 10 high knees / kicks
-          Quality foam rolling time

Wait, did I just say that?  I don’t mind Mondays?  I just lied to you for the first time ever.  I’m sorry.  I like Mondays as much as I like canned tuna, spiders, and losing toenails.  I really don’t like Mondays.  No matter how much sleep I get on Sunday night, somehow it is always rough to wake up Monday morning.  I love my job and it is still hard.

I was running late today and just barely managed to throw some sort of lunch together in a bag and grab MyOatmeal on my way out the door.  My poor dog probably thought the house was on fire the way I was running around.  I managed to sneak in a half hour for lunch today and had some leftover chicken, with a hard-boiled egg white, green grapes, and some diced avocado.  

One of my coworkers felt that it was a very random lunch but I’m totally on a chicken/avocado/cage free brown egg white kick… (is it a kick when you’ve been eating copious amounts of it for almost a year?)  First of all, that combination is amazing fuel if you’re planning on doing your run in the evening after work.  Plus, it’s delicious!

After work I had a mini-conference call with my friend Elizabeth and a representative (Kim) of Advocare (more info soon!)  She gave me some really good pointers and tips on starting this challenge.  She was super helpful and more than willing to offer up chatting with me on any questions I have in the future. 

I went for my run after thinking about how excited I am to start this journey.  I took my dog with me and left my headphones at home for once, which I NEVER do.  It was a (very hot) nice peaceful run.  I recovered post run with my new favorite rehydration drink, mango pineapple from Advocare. 

For dinner, I wasn’t feeling very creative so I just had a similar version of lunch - some more leftover chicken, avocado, purple grapes and summer corn salad.  

The summer corn salad is awesome.  Just take some frozen corn (thawed of course) and chop up whatever veggies you have – I use green pepper, red pepper, purple onion and zucchini and toss it in some sort of vinaigrette dressing.  Very easy and delicious.  

The husband and I watched some WWII special (we’re nerdy and absolutely love history TV).  I finished up the book Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, which I’ve read before and loved.  The subject of the book, Louis Zamperini recently passed away and I wanted to read the book again since the movie comes out in December.  It is truly an incredible story. 

And a picture of my dog (post-run) who apparently isn’t the biggest fan of Mondays either.

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