Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday!

The fiancé and I went out and had a mini celebration of my favorite holiday last night aka St. Patrick's Day and I got to thinking about all of the exciting reasons why I am so happy we are getting married.

Thus, the top ten reasons I am so happy to be marrying this guy...

10.  When I stand in front of the TV, rather than tell me to get out of the way, he just hugs me and looks at the TV over my shoulder.  (Don't tell him but sometimes I do this to get free hugs).

9.  He comes to all of my races and takes lots of pictures and listens to me for hours afterward as I tell him about each and every step of the race and exactly what I thought and etc. etc. etc.

8.  He makes me laugh.  All the time.  Like really, really hard, so my insides hurt, and I'm in tears, and I can't breathe.

7.  When I get really excited about little things (which is all the time) and bounce around because the excitement needs to come out somehow, he doesn't make me feel silly about it.

6.  He gives THE most thoughtful gifts.  He thinks of things that are perfect for me that I don't even realize how perfect they are for me until he gives them to me and then I wonder how I lived without them.

5.  He once opened up several boxes of fruity mentos and put all the pink ones in a box and resealed and gave it to me as a surprise because he knows I only love the pink ones and the other flavors are worthless.

4.  He tells me how he feels about me all the time, without prompting or without me saying it first.  Of all the things I question, how he feels about me is never one of them.

3.  He doesn't treat me like I am made of glass and he isn't afraid to stand up for how he feels.

2.  He takes it with a grain of salt when I spend copious amounts of money on race fees, running shoes and running clothes.

1.  He makes me want to be a better version of me, all the time, but is happy with me just how I am.

And a bonus number one reason....

1.2  When I say I physically need candy, he doesn't tell me that I don't actually need it, I just want it....he only tells me to get him some too.

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