Monday, March 24, 2014

March Madness and a PR

I am a little behind...March Madness is going on and between that and wedding stuff, my blogging has taken a backseat.  For that, I apologize.

I put a lot of work into each post and don't publish anything until I am sure it's the best I can do on that particular day.  Blogging is a lot of work...but work that I love.  That being said, I'm going to keep this short, due to lack of time, and will catch you up on my happenings later this evening, after my fabulous Monday circuit training class.

However, before I digress, I must take two seconds to brag.  Saturday was my last 10k in the winter series, and I PR'd by 3 seconds.  It's crazy because a) it was really windy, and b) there was a huge hill that I had to run up and down twice.  Both of my big 10k PR's occurred in less than ideal conditions.  That's the beauty of races - the unexpected.  That 3 second PR kept me happy all day helped that I was able to sneak off to the theater and see Divergent, and then later that evening was fortunate enough to watch my beloved Badgers beat Oregon to move into the Sweet Sixteen of the tournament!


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