Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten things I've been incorporating!!!

Today's workout:
- 30 min run
- 30 min bike
- 2 X 10 hip dippers
- 3 X 20 ab lifts
- 2 X 10 arm presses

During this 100 day challenge, I have been creative with things I'm incorporating into my workout instead of just running every day.  That being said, we've been set up for TOP TEN TUESDAY!

10.  Circuit Training on Monday nights - every Monday I go to the Circuit Training class in my work gym put on by one of the instructors from the Y.

9.  Step Class on Thursday nights - same as 10, different class.  This class has done wonders for my calves - at my last race, I actually felt stronger.

8.  Spin Class on Saturdays - I found this spin class through a blog that I follow and the guy that teaches it is awesome - he has done Ironmans, and half Ironmans, marathons, etc.  Super fun.

7.  Staying after Spin class on Saturdays to do the abs class.  While I will never love doing abs, doing them with a group is much easier than by myself - and the instructor always varies the routines and comes up with new fun ways to torture entertain us!

6.  Walking my dog on "rest days" - okay, I've only done this once but plan to do this more when the weather stays warm - my rest days now are usually a bike workout with some abs, lifting and foam/leg rolling

5.  Foam rolling - I've always foam rolled, but I'm more diligent since I started the 100 day challenge to prevent injury

4.  Side planks and hip dippers - I have always disliked planks, but to prevent boredom, I have been doing these and the more I do them, the easier they get (shocking huh)

3.  Exercise ball lifts - again, to prevent boredom, I've been utilizing the exercise ball for lifting and abs

2.  Yoga - I try to do yoga after a long run to stretch out those muscles I'm not reaching in regular stretching - plus it's been good for my mental state :)

1.  Rest and hydration - yes, again, a shock, I know.  I've been making sure that I get 8 hours of sleep per night and am forcing myself to consume at minimum 64 ounces of water a day.  Usually it's more than that, because us runners need our hydration.

Almost half way through the 100 day challenge and I am hoping to continue this regimen past the 100 days because it makes me feel amazing, physically and mentally.

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