Sunday, March 9, 2014

More food, less carbs, new lifestyle and avocados

As you may know, I gave up bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and beer for lent.  It's not like I woke up and said "I want to go low carb."  That's not the case at all - I just noticed that I have been eating a lot of those things lately and they're my go-to foods.  I am still eating foods like fruits and cheeses for my carbs and calories...I'm just cutting out the four above items for the time being.  

It's really quite simple - for example, when we go out for a fish fry, I opt for the baked fish with veggies on the side, instead of fried fish with french fries, rice or potato pancakes.  It still fills me up to the max but I don't feel as laggy.  The beer was a simple decision - I am still fighting a few pounds that I want to lose before I spend two weeks on the beach in Hawaii and I can easily find something else to drink, other than beer.  Red or white wine, or a brandy old fashioned, for example. 

In keeping pace with the 100 day challenge, I decided to challenge myself a little further with lent.  It has been interesting, the combinations of food I have come up for meals - especially breakfast.  On workout days, in the morning I would always have one piece of banana flax seed bread.  While I miss and LOVE that, I have become extremely creative with my food combinations.

Avocado, radish, and grilled chicken lunch

Veggie medleys with eggs, always a good idea

Grilled tuna steak with sauteed (in EVOO) mixed veggies and asparagus

Odd, but delicious combination lunch of avocado, pear, kiwi, yogurt, and egg whites from organic, cage free, brown eggs - I promise these taste a thousand times better and I eat about 2 cartons of eggs per week
Another odd but delicious combo - curry chicken salad, grilled asparagus, pear, and avocado
I eat a lot of avocados.  This is nothing new - I've always loved avocados but within the last 12 months, I eat about 4-5 avocados per week on average.  Avocados are what is considered a "healthy fat" and can be incorporated into any meal or snack, and I notice they keep me pretty full.

I've felt really good doing this the past week.  The fiance and I discussed it and while it may not be a permanent thing - I could never give up my pasta forever - even after lent, I know I will be keeping those things to a minimum, maybe once or twice a week.  Everything in moderation :)

What did you give up for lent?

Any fun meal suggestions/substitutes you have for my low(er) carb lifestyle?

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