Saturday, March 8, 2014

Productive Saturday and FREE candy (in a non-creepy way)

Today's workout:
- 5 mile run
- 1 hour spin class
- 20 minute abs

This is one of my favorites!
I went to spin class again this morning - and loved it.  I also ran 5 miles before the class with a group which was fun.  I have learned that I either need to buy those ugly padded shorts (not happening) or toughen up because those spin seats sure make you sore!!!

After spin we did TRX again and let me tell you, this thing is now my biggest fear.  I will take burpees and side plank hip dippers any day.

I had to hurry home after class to get ready because the fiance and I went to go pick out tuxes for the wedding (3 months!!!) and then we went and picked out wedding bands.  After we ordered the bands, they gave us these - I think they could see in my eyes that I love candy.

This whole wedding thing is totally coming together, except for a few snafus.  I truly cannot wait.

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