Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I’m giving up WHAT for lent?!

Today’s workout:
-          3.5 dreadmill miles
-          30 minute elliptical
-          15 minute bike

So seeing as how today’s is Fat Tuesday (and National Pancake Day - who planned THAT?!), I figured I would tell you all the things I’ve eaten today.  I had toast for breakfast, a Philadelphia sushi roll, raspberries, and a pear for lunch, and some fresh popcorn for a snack.  Before you ask why I told you that (and how I managed to pack it all away), let’s talk about lent. 

I’m not extremely religious – most people would say I’m not really religious at all.  However, there are certain religious aspects I will always support.  Church certain days of the year, baptizing my future children, etc.  One of the biggest things is lent.  I will always attend mass on Ash Wednesday, and I will always sacrifice for lent.  

That being said, this year I am going for my biggest lent yet – I’m giving up my grains and my wheat.  Because I don’t want to go completely crazy and give up all carbs, I came up with a list of things that will be hard for me to give up because of the rate at which I can normally consume them.  Bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, pizza crust, beer, and things that are batter-fried – including my love, French fries.  I’m completely stoked to do this for myself.  I’ve been meaning to eat more salads and fruits and this will push me in the right direction.  I’m hoping that in the long run, it will make me feel better and if nothing else, push me to drop the extra pounds I need to in order to reach the race PRs I’m looking to accomplish in 2014.  I’m not going completely carb-free because let’s face it, I am training and the idea of giving up cheese and fruit just terrifies me. 

That being said, I’m off to polish off some baked ziti since giving up pasta will probably be the hardest thing for me.  Oh well, small sacrifices for the big ones we do this in the name of.

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