Friday, March 28, 2014

Long Run Friday and a fabulous upcoming weekend!

Today's workout:
- 6.5 mile run
- 4 x 1 minute planks

I did my long run this morning because I will be out of town this weekend (more on that later).  So I did a 6.5 mile run in about an hour and 10 minutes on the dreadmill before work.  It was tough getting out of bed this morning because I had to go in early anyways to leave early to start my weekend.

Once I started running, I felt fabulous.  As always, mile 5 was a turning point but since I am training for my next half marathon which is in 35 days, I had to push through.  I'm planning on doing a short recovery run tomorrow.  I didn't have any hip flexor pain today which was awesome because I've been struggling with that this week.  

I'm super excited for this weekend to start because it is my first wedding shower and it's like a festivities starting point for me.  Among other things, I get to see two of my bffs this weekend, hang out with my niece and spend most of Saturday with my Dad's side of the family for the shower my mom and SIL are hosting.  I got them some pretty awesome host gifts but we'll go over that another time in case they read this. :)

My good friend (and bridesmaid) is driving with me to my hometown to stay for the weekend which is really nice of her since I really hate making that long drive by myself.  Let's be real - I just hate driving in general by myself; I get really bored.  I need a driver...we'll see how the fiance feels about that expense on our accounts when I bring that idea up to him. :)

Anyways, my puppers got some good snuggles last night during the BADGER WIN last night since I'll be leaving this weekend.  

Hopefully the Badgers win again tomorrow so I can continue my reign in the fiance's NCAA work poll $$$$.  Happy weekend!

Do you have any big plans?

What's your favorite NCAA basketball team? 

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