Thursday, February 6, 2014

Top Ten THURSDAY?!?!

Thursday workout:
- 1 hour step class, again will be sore tomorrow
- 20 minutes stretching

Additional activity :)
- 1 hour of baking these awesome mini apple pies for work, bff's family, & my family :)

I also read this awesome article today, from Women's Running about keeping yourself motivated in these last few weeks of winter when the weather's getting you down and spring doesn't seem to be anywhere in sight.  I know it gave me some good tips especially after these last few frigid days here.

Because I missed Top Ten Tuesday, I am for one week only, transferring it to Top Ten Thursday (gasp!)
 Today’s Top Ten are the Top Ten Reasons why I am excited for THIS weekend in particular:
 10. I get to try my newest workout DVD on Sunday, pending Amazon two day shipping doesn’t let me down
9. Because of our weekend plans, I get to do my long run Friday and start the weekend right
8. FH and I are driving to Madison on Saturday which means I get to start the next new book in my queue
7. FH and I are showing our wedding venue to my parents/his mom
6. I get to see my parents – which is just awesome in and of itself
5. We get to stay with the fianc├ęs mom and let’s face it, that just rocks
4. My parents, FH and I are going to the WI Badger v. Michigan St. basketball game on Sunday and we have      INCREDIBLE seats
3. I actually look forward to Sunday evenings now because I love participating in #runchat!
2. FH and I are going to the Great Dane in Madison for dinner Saturday night with my parents/his mom – this is exciting because it is my all-time favorite restaurant on the planet!
…….And the number one reason I am excited is……
1. I get to see my bff on Saturday evening :)
What's on deck for your weekend?
What are you currently reading?

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