Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday and a few words and photos

Friday workout
- 4 treadmill miles
- 20 minute stretching
- 4 X 1 minute planks

I did NOT feeling like going to the gym today - NOT. AT. ALL.  I am of course SO glad I did.  I ended up doing my miles on the dreadmill and finished strong and I felt very happy after.

After my workout, the fiance, and I along with one of his friends' went to one of our go-to restaurants at the casino near where we live.  I was SO hungry after my long day and my run.  We got there and they said we had a 90 minute wait.  I was not okay with not okay.  Luckily, the buzzer went off after only a half hour due to a large party cancellation.  WHEW!  I had the fish fry, and the fiance had a burger.  After we ordered, we watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics on the screen in the restaurant.

I had to take a picture of the fiance's friends' remaining onion rings because I ate them so fast that the picture I took of them was blurry :)  No, really though - these are the BEST onion rings...especially amazing dipped in buffalo sauce!

I also gave it the old college try and had a blue UV with light lemonade...was super-delicious.

In bed a little later than I planned tonight especially since I am hoping to go to early spin and strength classes in the morning.

Do you have any weekend plans?

How do you feel about spin?

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