Saturday, February 1, 2014

100 Day Challenge Day 1, Seth Meyers, and my FAVORITE pizza

Today's workout:
1 lap around the Milwaukee Mile
2.5 treadmill miles

I started the 100 Day Challenge with my Twitter friend and a few others today.

Day 1
I posted a short blurb about that here but the organizer of this challenge (RunBesideMe) should really get the credit and her fabulous description is here.  I'm very excited about this challenge - basically we start today and we have to do at least 30 minutes of activity every day.  No skips.  You're mostly on your honor for this but you are supposed to either post an Instagram photo or video each day.  See above selfie, day 1 :)

The last day is May 12th - I'm pumped to see what kinds of things I can come up with on rest days from running to do instead of sitting on the couch with my favorite book - speaking of which, I'm currently reading this book - my sis in law got me hooked on this author a few years ago and I cannot get enough :)

I had been craving my favorite pizza from Transfer Pizza all week so the fiance and I had planned to have it today.  After my workout, I picked up the pizza and brought it home and it was delicious.  Fresh mozzarella, wheat crust, spinach, grilled chicken, tomatoes and garlic.  YUM.

After pizza, I got everything ready for tomorrow's race and relaxed while watching Seth Meyers' last Saturday Night Live - my heart breaks a little writing that - he's been my favorite cast member for the last few years.  Anddddd...this is what happens when you're gone most of the day and your dog is 100 lbs of big baby - yes, he's laying on my legs - we'll see how that feels for tomorrow's race.

Do you watch SNL?

Do you have a pet that believes you are their own personal pillow?

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