Saturday, January 18, 2014

Running in Honor of...

Saturday workout:

30 minute run
2 sets of 20 leg lifts
2 sets of 10 shoulder presses
3 sets of 10 arm curls
3 sets of 10 arm raises
4 sets of 10  lunges
5 - 1 minute planks
5 – 1 minute wall sits

So today the fiance and I were supposed to go register for our wedding.  I slept in a little bit and we decided not to go because it was really, really cold out and neither of us was really in the mood for it.  When I woke up, I had coffee and did some reading.  

I had organic flax seed banana bread with homemade raspberry jam on top and applesauce for breakfast, and decided to get my little workout in.  

I ran today for #megsmiles, this woman who was killed by a drunk driver while she was out running last Monday morning.  She was a Boston qualifier and was just out for a run and this drunk just hits her.  Drunk **** was a doctor.  A doctor.  Isn’t their code “first, do no harm” or something?  Meg Menzies had three kids…  Senseless tragedy.  Makes me so angry – if you want to drink, be responsible.  Call anyone before you get behind the wheel.  The running community came together and all across the nation, runners today donated their miles to Meg’s memory.  I love being part of a community who comes together in times of triumph and tragedy.  You can’t beat it.

Did you run today for Meg’s miles?

Do you run for any other causes?

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