Thursday, January 16, 2014

Advice from a Glacier

My parents went to a couple national parks this summer and brought me back some good souvenirs.  First and foremost, this guy
Now, there's a story behind him.  

My brother and sis-in-law went to California a few years ago and saw him at the first park they went to but didn't buy him.  They then saw him a few days later at another park - they figured it was fate and decided to buy him.  One time when I went to visit them, I saw him and decided I wanted one too.  

Before my parents went this summer, I had asked them to get me one.  My mom texted while they were gone and told me they got one for their house but couldn't get two.  I was sad but decided that I would get one myself someday,

After they came back from their trip, we went to visit and lo and behold this guy was in a box waiting for me.  He's super cute and sits by our door and we walk past him every time we leave the house.

They also got me a t-shirt that shows "Advice from a Glacier."  I really like inspiration and quotes and such and this shirt is awesome.  Over the past couple weeks, I've put it on with yoga pants when I get in the door from work - I love it.

Advice from a Glacier

Carve your own path.  Go slow.  Channel your strengths.  Smooth the way for others.  Keep moving forward. 

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