Sunday, December 22, 2013

Remember When?

Remember when my little pony and the pound puppies were cool…

Remember when every kid in your elementary school had either a slap bracelet or a hypercolor shirt and everyone went around breathing on other people’s clothes to get them to change colors…?

Remember when Ace of Base, TLC, and All for One rocked your playlist…or the mixed tape recorded from the radio on your boombox?

Remember when you would sit on this with you friends and eat lunch and then flip it over and rock it like a boat for your post lunch entertainment… PICNIC TABLE

Remember squeeze its, and cheeto paws, rainblo bubblegum and dot candies (which always had a little bit of paper attached), and all the other little foods that you could consume without having to run six miles to keep the calories at bay?

Remember when the clubs in your town had lock-ins…?  What a brilliant idea.  Let’s lock a bunch of tweens in a gym with minimal supervision and let them run crazy all night.

Remember when you watched Are you Afraid of the Dark, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Supermarket Sweep, Saved by the Bell, Hey Dude, and pop up videos and music videos on MTV?

Remember when, if you played or participated in any sport or club or even thought of that sport or club, you had to have one of these to accompany it?  

 Remember floppy disks, paper tv guides, and The Real World?

Remember the theme song from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  I know you just sang it…

Remember Trapper Keepers, super soakers, and Number Munchers?

Remember mini-backpacks, lite brites, tamagotchis, and lava lamps?

Remember candy necklaces, warheads, and jelly shoes?

Remember your first screen name, chat rooms, and the dial up internet sound?

Remember choose your own adventures, goosebumps, and Lisa Frank?

Remember bff necklaces, mood rings, and sneakers that you “pump” up?

Remember Reading Rainbow, the California Raisins, and last but not least…Oregon Trail?

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