Friday, December 20, 2013

60 years and family steak

Today was my mom’s 60th birthday so my brother, sister-in-law and niece came down from Minneapolis, and the fiancé and I came in from Milwaukee to celebrate with the family.  I went in to work at 5:45 a.m. (thank the Lord for Starbucks) so the fiancé and I could leave early and drop the dog off with my bff to watch for the weekend.  We got to my hometown at around 7 p.m. and went straight to dinner – no argument on my part there since I was starving. 

I hadn’t seen my niece since September so of course I had to give her hugs and kisses before I could sit down.  I ordered prime rib and the fiancé had NY strip.  My bro and SIL had filet, my mom had ribs and my dad went with a steak and a baked potato the size of my niece.  Steak makes our family happy.

Oh, my niece had a foul-looking delicious turkey and sweet potato baby food mix, followed by some puffs.  My SIL had me try one of the puffs and they actually taste similar to Strawberry Mini-Wheats – no wonder my niece kept grabbing for them.  That’s how I feel about mini-wheats :)

We had a really nice dinner and the fiancé and I kept sharing our meals (I thought his was better and he thought mine was).  My niece entertained us with napkin peek-a-boo for a while – my bro or SIL will put the napkin over her head and ask where she is…she’ll pull the napkin done and start giggling.  It’s the CUTEST thing. 

After we finished dinner, we sat at the table for a bit chatting and at least three people came and told my niece how adorable she is.  She really is – you can say I’m biased but she really is the cutest infant ever. 

We went back to my parents’ after dinner and sang happy birthday to my mom, ate some cake and ice cream, and then sat around talking.  What a great night!

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