Sunday, January 26, 2014

I heart #runchat!

Tonight’s runchat was awesome.  I love hearing everyone’s answers to the runchat questions.  I almost skipped tonight’s but I knew Zooma was the runchat sponsor so I participated.  I’m so glad I did – I learned a lot and got some priceless tips and pointers, as per usual.  There was one question where the moderator asked what else we’d like to see at finish lines of races.  I said I’d love to see oranges at the finish and got some favorites and comments on that.  I’ve always thought that oranges are a post-race must.  They’re a perfect recovery food – juicy and sweet.  Hydrating and fueling – how could you go wrong?  Maybe I’ll organize a race and start a new trend...someday :)

If you’ve never participated in runchat, you should.  They are every Sunday night at 7pm or 8pm, depending on the week.  The questions they pose really make you think about your running and goals you’d like to accomplish.  I can’t say enough about runchat.  There is always a sponsor chat (like Zooma this time) and they give away awesome prizes once in a while and are on hand for any questions you have.  Last night, I asked and received immediate responses to two questions.  It was really informative, since I applied to be an ambassador for Zooma Chicago and want to learn as much as I can before then.  The ambassador winners are announced February 10th and I cannot wait!

Do you participate in runchat?

Have you ever run a Zooma race?

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