Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Musings #2, a scrambler, and a few miles

Monday's Workout:

-Run 4.5 miles
-3 sets of 5 lifts on the vertical knee raise
-3 sets of 10 arm curls
-2 sets of 10 shoulder presses
-4 set of 1 minute planks
-Cool down/stretch

Today was a high of -8, -32 with the windchill.  Yeah, the Polar Vortex returned.
This is what all of the schools in the state said..and most of the businesses - but NOT MINE!!! :)
Because I knew it was going to be beyond cold, I got everything ready for the gym the night before...and ended up sleeping in Monday morning.  Oh well, I hit up the company gym after work.  It was pretty busy but I was able to get my miles in on the dreadmill and get my planned lifts, etc. in as well which was awesome.  I really don't like running on the dreadmill but when the winter in Wisconsin leaves you with no choice, we runners do what we can.

Sidenote:  After I finished at the gym, I changed and headed out to my was so cold out that while waiting for my car to warm up, my sports bra froze to me.  Runner Problem 506.

When I got home I was really hungry but since I got home later than usual, I just made a quick little scramble with cage-free brown eggs, green and red pepper, spinach, and leftover turkey.  Since we runners love our carbs, I topped it with some shredded cheddar, and also put a mini bagel on the side that the fiance picked up (Thanks FH!)  It was DELICIOUS!  I could eat this for dinner every night.

This friend of mine has gotten me hooked on this matching game where you can play each other on your phones - it's actually pretty fun so I finished my awesome Monday night playing a little bit of that.  Oh, and blogging :)

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