Thursday, January 16, 2014

0.0 daily rant

Have you seen the 0.0 bumper stickers on peoples cars?  I recently asked someone what is the point of them.  I mean, I knew what it meant but I still had to ask - sometimes, I like to fuel the fire inside.
I was told it is making fun of the people that put their 13.1 and 26.2 bumper stickers on their cars.  I was willing to let that go and let sleeping dogs lie.  I was then told that if I feel that I need the bumper sticker to remember my accomplishment, then I'm not a real runner.  SCREECH - hit the brakes...umm WHAT?

Now - I worked really hard for my first 13.1 sticker and I promised myself that if I finished, I would put just one on my car.  So I did just that - I worked hard, and trained hard, and completed my first half marathon.  That was almost a year ago and even after all my races, I still only have that one sticker on my car.  My 13.1 bumper sticker is something that every time I see it, fills me with a sense of pride, and reminds me of how I felt when I crossed that first finish line.
I explained my reasons for my bumper sticker and advised them why I run.  I run to be healthy, I run because it's fun, I run for the people that can't.  I run for a multitude of reasons that make me a runner.
I made a valiant effort to not sound like a soapboxed motivational speaker.  I respect every individual's ability to express their opinions but to make fun of someone for something that they are so proud of is simply cutting.  To advise me that I'm not a real runner because of a bumper sticker shows ignorance.  I respect your opinion, but who are you, as someone who doesn't run, to tell me that I'm not a real runner?  I respect everyone's opinion and will entertain any ideas but please respect my simple request, and think before you speak, because guess what?  I'm a runner.

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