Tuesday, January 28, 2014

100 Day Fit Challenge

This girl that I follow on Twitter posted a challenge for GiveIt100.  I replied to her tweet and decided to sign up.  It seems super simple.  Do something active for 30 minutes a day for 100 days and post either a photo on Instagram of it, or post a video of it to GiveIt100.

We are starting this Saturday, February 1st.  That sounds like a fine time to start a 100 day challenge - new month, new challenge. 

The only requirement: being active for a minimum of 30 min a day. Anyone else in?  I will be keeping track of my measurements/weight etc on Saturdays.  I will post an update of my daily activities on here too to keep myself accountable.  What with my wedding coming up, I figure this is the kind of challenge I can conquer.  I'll keep you posted :) 

Coming soon - Before and After Challenge photos!

Are you doing any challenges?

Are you interested in this one?

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