Monday, October 14, 2013

Yoga studio and a coat rack

Yoga kicked my train tonight.  Yes, against my better judgment I tested out a yoga class.  I went to the Health and Power Yoga Studio located in the 3rd ward.  I really enjoyed it - the class was small, and for beginner yoga it didn't feel like it was going too slow.  Plus, the first class is free if you've never been there before. 
Given how many times I’ve tried and despised yoga in the past, you’d think I’d have learned my lesson.  I think this time I’m going to stick with it though.  It works muscle groups that I didn’t know I had.  The upside (the only upside) is that I can totally see how it will help my running.  Also, Mondays are rest days anyways so I might as well continue with yoga classes on these days.  The class was awesome – the instructor was really cool.  At the beginning I went and sat on my mat for some stretching because that’s what everyone else was doing.  Then the class started and I noticed everyone, including the instructor had their socks off.  Well, everyone besides me.  I really hate feet and since I have ugly runner feet, I prefer to keep mine hidden.  Plus, I was too embarrassed once the class started to get back up and go take my socks off.  I mean, it was already obvious that I was the newbie when I was wobbling in tree pose.  Oh well.  I’m going to stick with this class until a hurricane’s gale force wind couldn’t knock my tree pose down.

I’m also in the process of trying to convince the fiancé to replace our elliptical with a treadmill because I need a treadmill.  Especially on icky days when it’s pouring rain outside.  Except one of my arguments on getting one might have not helped in the least.  I told him that on days when it was raining or snowing, I could put the treadmill outside under the awning of our back patio and run outside-ish.  I need better ammo because that argument clearly went nowhere.  In all honesty, we had great intentions when we went out on a Sunday and bought the elliptical two years ago on a nice fall Sunday.  Now?  It is just something that I have a tendency to drape my running clothes and gear bag over.  In the winter, if it’s really lucky, it gets to have our wet coats draped over it until they dry and we can put them in the closet.  It is actually just an extremely expensive coat rack.  I would have saved money going to Tiffany and purchasing a sterling silver one and just stick that in the corner.  Sigh.  I wonder if anyone would buy this little guy on craigslist – although I should probably list it under ‘elliptical’ not ‘coat rack’…

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