Sunday, October 13, 2013

The leaves are changing and guilt free Sunday dinner

I absolutely love running in chilly fall weather.  There's nothing better than the fresh scent of fall air, and how beautiful everything is no matter what time of day you run.

I had an okay run this morning - I woke up not feeling the best - I think my bronchitis is lingering much longer than I anticipated.  The fiance was replacing the light in the bedroom so I decided to help out around the house a bit before I went running.  My legs were really tired on the run and even though I finished, I just didn't feel all that good running....also, I wore heels to work twice last week and my arch was throbbing.  I got back from my run and was inspecting the bottom of my shoe because I felt all off balance about halfway through my run...look what I found...

Yes, that is a giant screw in the bottom of my shoe.  The fiance got a screw driver and removed it and it was pretty long - I was going to save it for posterity sake but it was really rusty and gross so he said we should throw it away.  Luckily it didn't go through the pad of my shoe.  Whew!

After my run, I watched the Packer game for awhile - they won, of course!  I then went and did some errands and then the fiance made dinner...we have a rule on Sundays - we can have guilt-free Sunday dinners where we can have a really good meal to gear us up for the week - we usually try to eat pretty healthy all the other days.  Steak, green beans, yummy home grown tomatoes, and mac n' cheese.  I put fresh cracked pepper on my mac n' cheese because that is what my bff used to do in college and I learned then that's it pretty good.  If you've never done that, it's a must.

I had to give half of that ginormous steak to the fiance because I was so full from all of that yummy deliciousness!  I bought a lot of healthy things today on my errands.  I also bought a brand new clay hot/cold pack which I'm hoping will help these PF symptoms I've been having from wearing heels last week...I'm in the middle of a great book so I'm going to go find my fuzzy blanket and my puppy and have some quality lazy time.  Have a good week!

What's the weirdest thing you ever "carried home" in your running shoes?

Aren't guilt-free Sunday dinners the best?

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  1. Hey its In the Life of a Runner,

    Yes, it is fine that you add me to your recommendations. :) Thank you for checking out my blog.

    I had a rock get in my shoe tread during a race. I hated it. Definitely an awkward feeling while running. Don't worry, I stopped to get it out. lol