Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Misty run and wet paws

My shoes still didn’t come today.  This is going to be the longest week ever if I keep checking the mail and have no new shoes.  It rained a lot today, and was still misting a bit when I went on my run so I wouldn’t have taken them on their maiden voyage in the rain anyway, but still.  I don’t like the idea of those beautiful things floating around somewhere within the oh-so-reliable US Postal Service.  After some tears and some whining at the fiancé about where they could be, I started dinner
(Mexican chili – yum yum – you can find recipe here) and left it to simmer while I went on my run.  I took the dog with me on the run because he was kind of dancing around the kitchen while the fiancé and I were prepping dinner.
 Here’s the thing about my giant city dog.  He hates getting his feet wet.  Well really, he hates being dirty, or wet, or damp, or swimming, or really anything that has the potential to get him wet or dirty.  He really is a big baby about such things.  Anyways, when I opened the door and he saw that it was still misting a bit outside from the earlier downpours, he looked horrified and tried to go back in the house.  Too bad for him I had already made my decision to take him.  We got going and of course he kept dodging the puddles, thus forcing me to run through them and flat out refused to run on the wet grass.  Sidenote:  I love running outside after a rainstorm, especially in Milwaukee in the fall.  The world is all quiet because people have yet to venture out, and the residual mist brings out the scent of fallen leaves and autumn. 
 Anyways, after a few unhappy dog looks and a few almost face plants due to leash dodging in the puddles by me, we made it home in good time and warmed up with a shower and some Mexican chili.  Well, I warmed up with a shower and Mexican chili, he warmed up with a bath towel for his damp paws and a few of his giant milkbones which I gave him to keep him from hating me for dragging him out in “bad weather.”  I think he forgave me though, because this is how we ended the night. 

 Do your pets have any weird quirks?

 What’s your favorite type of weather to run in?

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