Friday, October 18, 2013

Surprise gifts, Bart Yasso, and several pics

I had this bag of treats waiting for me on Friday morning.  Two larabars, a bag of cinnamon apple granola, a chunk of banana flax seed bread, and a tube of arnica Montana.  I love arnica Montana.  It’s like an herbal version of ibuprofen.  I can’t really take ibuprofen since my body reacts funny to it.  Arnica Montana is my perfect substitute.  Before I discovered it, I was using children’s Tylenol meltaways for headaches, and aches and pains.  You can get it at Whole Foods or Outpost.  I’m really excited about this awesome bag of goodies my friend gave me.  
I was really chilly all day at work, so for lunch I had the old classic, grilled cheese and tomato soup with crackers.  It was delicious and totally hit the spot. 
I am looking forward to having that at least once a week this fall/winter.

I got home after work and stalked Bart Yasso’s twitter page for a while (I love to do that - he's one of my favorite runners) and then had some fabulous white wine. 

I love to take pictures of my food/wine/life.  I also put my new Brooks’ Glycerin 11’s on – I’m trying to break them in for next Saturday’s 15k. 
Notice my super cute gray puffy vest.  My mom got it for me for Christmas last year and I love it.  It’s so comfortable and perfect in the fall with a sweater or any alternate long sleeve underneath.  It’s chilly in WI and the crisp scent of fall is strong these days.  I also picked up our new Brita UltraMax at Target after work today. 
It fits perfectly in the fridge and is a great size to refill our giant water bottles.  (Forgive the feta cheese, egg, and raspberry vinaigrette's dressing photo bomb).  I’m starting to feel good about my decision to “be more green.”  Fun things are happening tomorrow!

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