Thursday, October 17, 2013

Incredible publications and my new water container

I have been losing a lot of sleep lately.  I first and foremost blame my favorite bloggers for their ability to write so well and also for the fact that I’m trying to learn all I can from Runner’s World magazine and Running Times.  I look at myself one year ago and while I worked out, I wasn’t even close to as active as I am now.  I wasn’t even running on a schedule then, just running whenever I felt like it, which equaled about 3 times a week.  I feel so much better about myself as a person/daughter/friend/fianc√©.  Running on a schedule and training for races and has improved me.  I’m not saying that subscribing to Runner’s World and stalking running blogs has made me rock the runs, I’m saying that reading Runner’s World and Running Times, and stalking blogs has motivated me to get off my kiester and move.  Nothing is as motivating on a Saturday morning when you’re lying around in yoga pants reading Runner’s World and you read a story about how a woman went from barely able to walk a mile to running a marathon in under 4 hours.  It gives you the “I can do it” mentality you need to get up and get moving.
Now that I’ve gotten on my motivational soapbox, please look at my new water container.  I got it at Target (reason no. 235,567 why Target is fabulous).  I drink way more water since I got this thing, only proving the fiance’s theory correct that if it’s pink I’ll use it.  He wants me to start shooting clay pigeons with him and he said if I like it, I can get a pink gun.  It might be true that I find anything enjoyable as long as I can own something pink for it.  That is just my inner 5 year old princess self coming out in my daily adult life.  Anyway, this container is amazing.  It’s 1000 ML and the loop on the top prevents me from losing the cap on the bottle – this has happened more time than I can count.  I think my dishwasher/floor/car/bag all conspired against me and decided to consume all of my water bottle caps. 

The mouth of the bottle is also smaller so you don’t splash water all over your face/neck/treadmill while you’re running.  Did you know that when you’re racing, at the water stations, if you pinch cup together at one end and pour the water from the other end, you prevent water spillage as well?  I love doing that.  Well, I really love watching other people splatter water all over their faces because they don’t know my trick.  Anyways, this has been a tangent style post so I’ll leave you with this – these water bottles are amazing, and so are my favorite bloggers and running publications.

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