Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Running on empty

So far this week, I have run two miles a day, two times this week.  This is not a lot, I know, but it is a lot considering I’m still recovering from bronchitis and still spend half my day hoping that one of my lungs doesn’t come up with all my coughing (I think that would be frowned upon where I work).  

My first run, on Monday, I was really excited to go out and run after taking a few days off to get better.  I felt really good while running and finished in 19 minutes.  I felt terrible afterward.  I’m talking lots of coughing and just really tired.  I took a hot shower and had some homemade chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese on yummy sourdough.  The chicken noodle soup did wonders for my coughing. 
A little blurry but this is my buddy and I snugglin'
Tuesday I was scheduled for a rest day so I totally rested up and had some good snuggle time with the puppy, and ran another two miles today.  I finished this one in 15 minutes, 29 seconds with minimal coughing after.  So, you see, I am getting better.  I have a three miler scheduled tomorrow night so hopefully that one goes well too!  

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