Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dinner and a 3 mile run

Tonight I ran 3 miles and felt incredible.  My left shin started to get sore on the third mile so I slowed up a bit and decided to ice before my shower once I got home.  This is what happened when I sat down on the floor mat after stretching and started icing..

He kept me company while I iced.  What a good puppy.  He takes up a lot of space :)

After icing, I felt a lot better so I took a quick shower and had some dinner.

Yes, that is the homemade popcorn and green grapes that made up my dinner tonight.  I had my awesome huge salad from the Green Kitchen for lunch today so I wasn't totally hungry.  Plus, there were cookies at work today and everyone knows how much I love cookies...especially warm chocolate cookies with extra chocolate of course I wasn't too hungry for dinner, but I still had one of the ThinAddictives from Costco.  If you've never had these, you need to get them.  If you don't have a Costco membership, stand outside a store and beg someone to buy them for you.  They are like really thin biscotti, with cranberry and almond in them.  SO amazing.

I'm so happy it's Thursday.  I have an early but short work day tomorrow and then I get to go to the running store for new shoes and gear!  YAY!

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