Wednesday, October 9, 2013


October goal –
                Run the LF Discovery 15K without walking (no matter how slow I run)
                Run under 1:10 in the back-to-back 10K the day after the 15K
November goal –
                Run a 5K at a Boston marathon female qualifying time pace (8:01 miles)
December goal –
                Run 5 days a week no matter what the weather or how cold it is outside
By the end of 2013 –
                Run a 10K in under 1 hour (I have 3 more 10K races to achieve this)
In 2014 –
                Run a race with Team Angels
                Break 2.5 hours in a half marathon
                Break 2 hours in a half marathon
                Run my first full marathon
                Maybe run a 2nd and 3rd full marathon
                Run a trail half marathon or marathon
Sometime in my running career –
                Qualify for the Boston Marathon
                Run the Boston Marathon
Hands down, my favorite quote ever

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