Sunday, August 25, 2013

ELECTRIC RUN 5K Race and a lifetime P.R.

Running in Lights

Back in June, I had signed up for the Electric Run because I had heard it was a super fun, crazy run.  I was a little tired from the week on the day of the race so I slept in a little, and took a nap later in the day.  The race wasn’t until 8pm so we didn’t need to leave our house until about 5:00 as I had been told there were huge lines for the packet pick up.  I got ready and we headed for the Racine fairgrounds which is where the race took place.  There was barely anyone there so I got right in to pick up my packet and we wandered a bit, looking at fun Electric Run merchandise.  
We decided to go back to the car for a bit since it seemed like a lot of people were tailgating.  Since the diet coke and French fries from earlier in the day didn’t do much to curb my appetite, the fiancé and I walked to the gas station across the street and got some peanut butter crackers and beef jerky.  Perfect pre-race food huh? 
 Fast forward, there were so many people racing that they were doing a waterfall start, and I knew I wanted to be at the front to be done faster.  As soon as the officials started corralling people down to the start line, I grabbed my glow sticks and hustled to the start.  I was in the second row of people.  The race didn’t start for almost an hour after that so I chatted with some people around me and the time passed pretty quickly.  By the time the 5 minute countdown started, I was ready to RUN.  
As soon as the gun went off, I was feeling great.  The run was awesome – The whole thing was lit up and there was lots of motivating techno music playing – normally I hate techno, but this really pumped me up!  I felt good the whole run and it was over way too fast.  As soon as the end was in sight I wanted to keep running.  
Black lights are fabulous - post race

Photo with the fiance by the start

Happy PR face!  You can't see the time, but I was so happy with the PR, I want a picture with my watch =)
I finished with a 5K P.R. time of 27:27.  I was thrilled – I had to recheck my watch and the clock a few times because I didn’t believe it.  I couldn’t stop talking about my P.R. even as we took some pictures and were driving home.  

I was so elated and it was only 9:30 so the fiancé and I agreed that if I could get ready quick, we would go out and celebrate since we were really hungry anyways.  We ended up doing a late night dinner at one of my favorite places, The Fire Pit, inside Potawatomi.  They have GREAT food and GREAT service.  After dinner, we also decided to play some slots before heading home.  I’m still super proud of my 5K lifetime P.R. and can’t wait for my next P.R.  If you ever get the chance, do the Electric Run – it is a BLAST.
Celebratory P.R. Brew!

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